Keep Rug Flat on Carpet

Keep Rug Flat on Carpet to assure it does not wrinkle or slip. No-Muv Rug Pad keeps all rugs flat and wrinkle free on top of carpet.

keep rug flat on carpet

No-Muv is the only rug pad that truly keeps rugs flat on carpet, regardless of furniture on the rug.

Rug on carpet has the common problem of wrinkling, buckling and shifting. This is due to the fact that when pressure is applied to the rug, the pressure causes parts of the rug to wrinkle and slip. This seems to be very common when furniture is placed on top of a rug on carpet. To avoid this, it is important to use a rug pad with density and strength to resist the pressure of the furniture weight. There are many rug pads that claim to keep rug flat on carpet, yet these thinner and flexible rug pads simply do not work.

No-Muv is a rug pad for carpet that is the only product successful at keeping rug flat and wrinkle free on carpet. It is made in the USA and specifically designed for use on carpet. No-Muv is made of all felt with a specially textured lower surface that grabs to the carpet. The top surface holds the area rug and is extremely dense to prevent furniture pressure pushing through to cause the common wrinkles in the rug.

Keep Rug Flat on Carpet only with No-Muv rug pad. It is made in 12′ wide rolls that can be cut into the size requied for the rug. No-Muv should be cut about one inch less on all sides than the rug size with the rug then centered on top of it. No-Muv works on top of all textures and qualities of carpet and keeps all types of area rugs flat and free of wrinkles. It is 1/4″ thick and very dense to perform better than any other rug pad claiming to keep rugs flat on carpet.

Not many stores offer No-Muv because it is more costly than other rug pads and takes up space in stores. It is only available in rolls, so only those stores that desire to carry 500 pound rolls can afford to stock it. There are a few online stores that carry No-Muv rug pad and these even custom cut to size, making it much easier to simply roll it on the carpet and place the rug on top. Rug Pad Corner and Best Rug Pads are two of the very few stores that offer No-Muv rug to rug pad in all sizes and shapes. While it is more expensive than other rug pads, No-Muv is the only one to keep rug flat on carpet.